Frideas for 28 June 2024

not really friday, but monday does look better this way:
bring back the homepage tile colors | Epicor Ideas Portal (


Tiles do have colors, do you mean the background?


I’m too mad about this to wait for the next Frideas. The search function has been eliminated from transfer order workbench in 2024.1. Development says, there were problems with it, so they got rid of it. And now it has to be an idea before they will consider putting it back.


custom tile colors, like we did have the last 10 years. so we do have more options than the soft tones at the moment (like (multi) company colors)

Ah, sorry I hadn’t used the Modern --or whatever-- they called the older menu since the release of the Kinetic Homepage in version 10-something. I totally forgot there was a custom color/shade picker.

Only thing we have currently for base Epicor is the color settings for Company and/or Site maintenance. That only colors the site into on the Home Page though so tiny little area. We have a color for Live and Pilot.


I stumbled across this issue a couple weeks ago, but the Scrap % in Part/Job Operations is purely informational and doesn’t drive additional material demand. It also isn’t cumulative, so if the job is for 10 units, op 20 has scrap 1 unit, and op 30 has scrap 1 unit, then the op 10 run quantity is 10 units, when it should be 12 units.

Buildup of scrap % across operations (KIN-I-3989)

That might be me…

I don’t understand what that has to do with the search though?

Well maybe not.

I assume that Erp.BO.TransOrderReceiptSvc.GetRowsLandingPage is related to the TO Workbench search. But they may be different animals.

That page IS horrifically slow, I was looking at how to replace the landing page with a baq data source or something. Did they indicate it was getting fixed at some point?

No, that ticket was a lost cause in my eyes. It was a consultant that helped us find the issue.

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