Get a GUID for a grid view in 10.1.600.4

Top picture shows grid down in dock panel 2
Bottom picture does not have dock panel 2 expanded to see objects below it??

There is nothing to expand. That’s the problem.

It can be a pain sometimes trying to work with the different behavior of a
dashboard vs a normal form. Maybe once you get used to it, it’s better but
I just haven’t reached that point yet.

This is just the difference from 10.0 to 10.1. Both are dashboards. I don’t really do much with normal forms yet.

Is anyone else on 10.1.600.4? or something close? I would like to see if it’s just our system and something is wrong with the install or something, or if it’s a bug overall. I made the simplest dashboard possible with just PartNum and PartDescription from the part table. Then added it to a new dashboard and deployed and went to look in customization. It still won’t show any of the properties in the view list screen.


Is anyone on 10.1.600 and can verify that they see the same behavior? (grid properties not available in customizations)

I also notices that the properties are not available in the personalizations as well. (only dashboards though)


I spun our .600 server back up and checked. Yes, this is a bug. Call support and check to see if they have an SCR # on this one. They have a pile of bugs they’re working on and the sooner you report it the better chance you’ll see a fix in an upcoming patch.

Thanks. I’ve been working with support and they said it’s new find altogether. I just wanted to see if it had anything to do with our system specifically (like a bad install or something) or was an overall bug. You know how they get caught on weird details sometimes instead of what you want them to actually fix sometimes… They seem to think it’s an upgrade import problem since I was using an imported dashboard to compare apples to apples. I took some extra splainin’ to tell them that it’s an overall problem, not just on imports.

Anyone else willing to call this is to get more attention to it? I’ve got a PRB# which is PRB0186726.

So they called it a bug and have pushed it to development. When they get it fixed? Who knows. I want to keep going with my development, however I can’t get what I need (the GUID) in 10.1. The workaround that I am contemplating is doing the development in 10.0 and importing it to 10.1 which should work since the other stuff that I have made came through the upgrade fine, but that means recreating everything from 10.1 to 10.0 since I can’t go backwards, and making changes might be problematic going forward until the get a working patch.

So now I’m asking any of you programmers if there is some code I can put into a customization that returns the GUIDs for the controls that are on the screen. If I can get that in there, I can do what I need to do.

something similar to this, but in C#. I’ve been looking through the object explorer and can’t find anything that will do this.

You if you get a hold of the ListPanel there should be a Controls… Collection which contains all the Controls within the Panel. Then you can iterate through it until you find the gird.

Sorry about the reviving the old post, but my question is relating to this exact problem.

Can you (or someone) just give me a start on how I would accomplish this? We haven’t been able to upgrade yet, and I would reeaally like to be able to get to the grid controls on a dashboard.

Are you basically saying that I can get the properties to show up in a message box or something? I’m looking through the object explorer and I see codes for getting properties of the specific thing you already have access to, but I can’t find anything related to getting properties of children of the the views.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Sorry Brandon,
This is an old post and I’m slammed to look back. Is this for a deployed dashboard?

It’s a new one that I am trying to make (yes deployed, it will be updateable). Related to the radio buttons that I just figured out. I can get the radio buttons into a native form (UD08), but the filtering on native forms is a huge pain. Dashboards do a lot better job, so I would prefer to get the radio buttons in the dashboard. But the grid properties while customizing in dashboards don’t show up in 10.1.600.5 so I can’t get the GUID to set the controls up. For months now, I’ve just not done anything with grid controls in dashboards because of this problem, but I really would like to get this one to work. I just need to figure out how to force the GUID out of E-10 so I can set it up.

I guess worst case, I will use the filtering technique I tried out that hijacks the grid filter. That just sucks because you have to return all rows before using that, so performance will suffer.

I think I found a way around it. If I add the grid in the customization, I can get to that one. That should do what I need it to do.

You should be able to get the Guid of the List Panel

Then use the following to get a hold of the Grid within that Panel

var myGrid = ((Ice.Lib.Framework.UIApp.EpiGridPanel)csm.GetNativeControlReference("0dc366dd-bfe0-481c-a125-d353e0f93eaa");

so just use that instead of the GUID of the grid?

Well sort of , look at the code , we get a hold of the Panel and then use the EpiGrid property of it.

so put myGrid in pop up message or something (sorry I’m so dense, I don’t really know what you mean when you say ‘get ahold of’)

Is that supposed to be one line of code? Is there an extra ; in there?

private EpiUltraGrid GetGridFromControl(Control control)
	EpiUltraGrid eug = null;

	foreach (Control child in control.Controls)
		if (child is EpiUltraGrid)
			eug = (EpiUltraGrid)child;
			eug = GetGridFromControl(child);

		if (eug != null)
			return eug;
	return null;

Yup, extra ; there mybad. Yes it is one line of code.

var myGrid = ((Ice.Lib.Framework.UIApp.EpiGridPanel)csm.GetNativeControlReference("0dc366dd-bfe0-481c-a125-d353e0f93eaa")).EpiGrid;

@josecgomez @T11

Thanks for the help. I’m not good enough with C# to insert this code without an in context example.

My workaround of adding the grid in the customization is working however, so I will continue with that for now, so you don’t have to waste your time explaining the basics to me.

Someday I’m sure I’ll look back and this and see how easy it probably is, but today is not that day…

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