Hiding or Deleting Controls

In the Batch Invoice Printing, I am trying to hide/delete the sidebar & tab controls, but without success. I found steps, posted in Dec '16 - Caveat: Hiding Controls, that I followed but the steps did not work. The sidebar keeps returning if I move the mouse over that part of the form.

These are the steps:

Exit customization mode,
Open the Form
UnDock It (Push Pin)
Then go to Tools or Actoins -> Save Layout
Then go to Tool -> Customization
Make a Change
Save it

Is there something I am missing?

Are you trying to have it look the same for all users, or just yourself?

And are there any other customizations to the window, or just these layout changes?

Yes, I am trying to make it look the same for all users.

There is currently no customizations to the window. It is as shown in the image.

I am trying to remove the sidebar and the tabs and the other controls in order to redesign the form.

There are some quirks with the UDxx Maintenance forms. You can’t hide those Key controls using a customization. You have to hide them using extended properties.

As for making layout changes be the “base” for all users, there is some not so obvious order that you have to do things in. I think you have to personalize the form in normal mode, then in developer mode, select that personalization as the base to start the new customization from.

Let me do some tests before I give you any info that steers you wrong.

Some folks do the following in the InitializecustomCode() section

((Infragistics.Win.UltraWinDock.WindowDockingArea)csm.PersonalizeCustomizeManager.ControlsHT["UD100Form.windowDockingArea1"]).Visible = false;

With @hkeric.wci’s code, and setting the Visible property on select controls, you can get:


Just curious? Are you using the UD110 table? Or just using the “UD110 Maintenance” form as window to be a clean slate?

Yes, the UD110 table will be used, but I will be redesign the screen a bit.

I will try what you and @hkeric.wci suggest to see how I get on.

If necessary you can try some of the techniques for turning a screen into a handheld screen too, which also requires stripping your undesired controls out.

Thank you all.

I am trying to replace the Report printing object for ARInvForm (Epicor.Mfg.UI.Rpt.ARInvForm.Transaction)
with Erp.UI.Rpt.ARInvForm.Transaction in Epicor 10. However, I am getting the error
‘ARInvForm’ does not exist in the namespace ‘Erp.UI.Rpt’, even thought it does. I added the reference Erp.UIRpt.ARInvForm in Visual Studio, as seen in the image, and I was able to access the ARInvForm.


How do I gain access to the ARInvForm.Transaction for reporting in Epicor 10 customization?

I am trying to print Batch Invoice Printing and converting an E9 reference for a class:
class InvcPrinter : Epicor.Mfg.UI.Rpt.ARInvForm.Transaction.
However, I do not know the replacement reference object for E10 to the above.