LaborDtl Clock-Out Date

As soon as you log in, if you are not clocked in, it will ask you want shift you want to clock into and “clock you in”. If you already clocked in, it just brings up your current record, and lists what you are currently active on.

Thanks for straightening out the “Clock In” mystery for me, Brandon.

Thanks Bill for taking the time to write this.
We have faced similar issues of forgetting to end activity and racking up close to 24 hours. I think (Could be wrong) it maxes out via a BPM where it caps it off there since practically one employee ID can not really work over 24 hours continuously.
Wonder if you got around to resolve those issues. Working around similar issues and will be helpful to know.


I am a fairly new Epicor admin but this is one area I have experience in. Here is my understanding:

  • Clock in (i.e. the prompt for which shift you’re working when you log in) creates a LaborHed record
  • Start Activity creates a LaborDtl record under the LaborHed record
  • End Activity finalizes your LaborDtl record (charging Labor to the job)
  • Clock out (i.e. the button) finalizes the LaborHed record

If you go into Time and Expense Entry and pull up an employee, you can see which days they clocked in, and look at the LaborDtl records organized under the LaborHed record for each day.

If, like me, you didn’t tell people to clock out at the end of every shift, then even if they correctly start and end activity, all the LaborDtls get lumped together under one LaborHed, with one Apply Date. This causes accounting problems, and can also cause performance problems when people are trying to start an activity. It also makes it hard to use Time and Expense Entry to fix people’s mistakes.

So Clocking Out is not just for people who use the Payroll module. Get your people to Clock Out at the end of every shift!