Negative Wip balances

Kinetic 2022.1.6

Hi, we have negative wip balances appearing on our wip report this past month end on jobs that have been previously closed.
Can anyone share where I can go see the transaction details that make up the negative amount?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Try the Inventory/WIP Reconciliation report, filtered to a specific job or jobs. You can set it to show both posted and unposted transactions.

The same data that is on that report is in job tracker - Job Details > Assemblies > Transactions. Sort by Tran Date descending and look for transactions after the last MFG-STK.

Thanks @gpayne for the thought to check here on this screen. For others - I’m not seeing the post-ship / post-close transactions on the Job Tracker screen. Found them in SSMS though.
That was incorrect, notice assemblyseq…

Job screen:


Are those on the same job? The MFG-VAR is 12/31/22 and the ADJ-PUR is a year later 12/31/23.

Although I can see the theory on this working. purchase direct to job $100 of materials in wip. Issue to finished goods with $100 of material cost. Vendor invoice is for $90 reducing material cost, so the amount of material on the job is now $90 minus material cost issued to finished goods $100 is -10.

Yes those screenshots are from the same job. WIP report shows -$2535 WIP on that job now, and those transactions after close add up to that amount.

Issue was we ran a GRNI at end of last year (from AP invoice entry), and then noticed it added WIP to old closed jobs. Been digging into it and you helped!


Do you run the WIP report with the “WIP Cleared Status” set to No, Yes, or Both? We run it set to No so that only jobs that are still open or where variances have not been flushed to the P&L show up, otherwise we get small WIP balances on long-closed jobs because of things like this.

On the financials side, those ADJ-PUR transactions should have hit your Purchase Price Variance (PPV) account - not your WIP account - since the job was closed.

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Always love seeing your name pop up on here @tsmith ! Huge help to a lot of people. You headed to insights this year?

Yes we’re able to see these discrepancies when we set Cleared to Yes or Both. The transactions hit WIP instead of PPV, and it looks like there are other things not adding up as well, so we’re looking at everything.

Another thread re WIP on closed jobs…

Update - I missed that the Assembly Transactions are only shown for each assembly, so they are all there in job tracker. BUT we’re thinking there may be a bug with GRNI/CaptureWIP and multi-level job subassemblies… where adjustments made post-close, NOT on assembly 0, aren’t captured correctly… still investigating.

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