Pass Parameters into Quick Search

I’ve seen this asked a lot but not any true answers (that I could find anyway).
I want to be able to have one of the search fields default to a selection so the user doesn’t always have to select it. I thought maybe I could pass this parameter into the quick search on load. Or if I could choose a default value. For example.
Our parts contain Inventory and Sellable Parts. The majority of our people will be using the Sellable Parts Value so I wanted to set it as already in there when the Quick Search is clicked.

You can if you call the quick search in code as I outlined here, however it is fairly advanced stuff that is probably not worth the hassle

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Not to resurrect an old post, but it looks like the link no longer works…is there any chance we can get another example?

I am trying to replace the “Line/Rel” search button in Customer Shipment Entry with a Quick Search that displays additional information from OrderDtl, OrderRel, and JobProd, but I also need to pre-filter the search by the Order in ShipDtl.

Search the forum I posted the full example not long ago. Because someone also said the post was dead.

@skearney, Could you please share the code?

I never did it. Above you can see where Jose Gomez answered it and attached a link with examples. I didn’t attempt it.

Here is a site I use to find old broken posts like this:

Here is a link to his old broken post.