Receipt Entry - Bartender label

I created a BPM that triggers off when a line is received, and then print the label with the qty. However, I now have a need to be able to split the label with the specified qty. Example, if I receive 24 unit in 2 boxes, my user want to be able to specify 12 unit and print 2 labels.

I noticed that in Receipt Entry under Action and then Print Tag, that this provide exactly what I need. Is there a way I can invoke my BPM by creating a button and using the BPM to quick off the number of labels and qty per screenshot provided? I was thinking about just using the SSRS and print as a label, but only issue is that we have multiple sites with different label printer. Also depending on who’s printing the label from the same plant, they have their own specified label printer as well. So that’s why the BPM was created to begin with.

I did something similar at my previous employer. I used a BPM and BPM Form to accomplish the task. I however used manual creation of the BarTender trigger file.

Hi Chris,

I did see one of the post you posted. Will take a look at your example. Can probably use custom code to determine which plant and userid to determine which label printer it is. Will attempt and if stuck, will post.


Is this the same thread you are referencing?

I think this may work and I am looking at your example. Seems you are pulling the fields from a datagridview. Would I use a BOReader to pull the data from the database then since there’s no datagridview?

Also another question is the datagridview in Print Tag is name “eugTag” and you have “LabelGrid”. When I test the code this is what I got.

‘Script’ does not contain a definition for ‘LabelGrid’ and no extension method ‘LabelGrid’ accepting a first argument of type ‘Script’ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

That is an example of writing your own BT trigger file. For the actual implementation, I created a BPM Data Form, added some controls (grid to hold parts, etc). I passed the expected data for qty/parts to the form so I could enforce data integrity. For example, if I expect 20 pieces of PartA. Then I can make any combination of labels\qtys that equaled 20 pieces:
2 labels of 10
2 labels of 9 and 1 label of 2

Thanks Chris. I want to use the “Print Tag” under Action from the Receipt Entry form since that has some of those functionalities added already. Seems that if I click on each line received, it knows the qty amount that was received. I can then specify how many qty per container and Epicor automatically create the rows correctly. Example, if I received 1000qty and specify 400 per container, it generate 2 rows. One row with qty 400 and 2 labels and second row with qty 200 and 1 label.


Do you know how I can pull in the fields? Example, I would like to pull in the PartNum, Description, packslip, packline, receiptdate, etc?