Serial Matching in MES

Hi everyone,
We are in need of serial matching at the assembly process. We’ve tried to add serial matching to the MES screen but it isn’t available for MES. This and qty reporting are the only ones needed and i can’t justify a lot of customization outside of Epicor at this point in the upgrade.
The only option seems to be giving them full Epicor with limited menu access but that seems like overkill and I’ll need to add the MES qty reporting there.
Anyone dealt with this?

Have you tried adding a new button to MES to Launch that screen? Often there are screens that MES is fine opening despite the license.

Yes I found an article and am in contact with Epicor now. I guess it’s been requested but hasn’t been added yet.

A customization may be able to complete this fairly quickly.
Take a look here: MES Main Menu Customization - #16 by mmcwilliams

Ya we tried but it still doesnt work. In the article there are a list of “Allowable process calls” and Serial Matching is not there.

Honestly, I would verify that. :thinking:

We did. We actually tried to put it on there as it shows in the article you provided but nope. Also we are cloud hosted so maybe it’s different than on site

Got it. just wanted to be sure.

Ya…too bad for me :smile:

It may still be possible, but you likely have a bit of code ahead of you.

ya…unfortunately I don’t have the time to put into it and we will likely go with the full license for our assemblers. It’s a hit but we’ll have to deal with it after go-live as we are behind in timing and above the budget.
What code are you talking about? One suggestion a team member had was using an API call to the BO for a custom app.

Exactly. With a Customization, we can accomplish much. MES may still lock that down though (I haven’t verified that). A combination of a customization and a BPM could potentially do this too. A UD table on the front end to select the job and enter a serial number and a BPM to match the serial to the job.

I know late to the party. We have created a custom screen to do just this. It has saved us money as we have reduced the need for full clients. If interested I can share what we did in more depth. The screen is tailored to our process where we scan in the parent barcode, then scan the components of the build when they are assembled. Just saying as our process may not fit yours, but the matching part may help.

Yes please! it would help

Here is a screen shot. The user enters the parent SN. Then can scan all the component parts. There is validation to make sure that the Component SN being scanned is Available to match as well. Folks can also unmatch here as well. The Banner even changes to Full Matched and Green when fully matched.

Awesome and this is a custom module added to MES?


we use this process with multi level S/N Matching in and out. there must be a BPM used here?

No BPMs yet this is all custom code. We are moving to using BPMs by loading an ud table.