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We have been using Epicor since 2011. Since then we have developed many dashboards, reports, customizations, etc. We are trying to clean up the system a little bit and it would be useful to know how many times a menu item has been launched. Does anyone know of a table that stores this info so we could report on it? We are trying to clean up the system a little bit and would like a little data to help us know where to start, from the least used items to the most used items.

Any help is appreciated.

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I’d like to know if anyone knows this too.

Epicor has some “Extended Solutions” that can fill gaps depending on your version and whether a local installation or cloud. There is one named Menu Usage Tracker - not sure specific cost but could be worth a look.


Here is some sample output of this solution


Thank you Dan, I didn’t see this till now…

Dan, I was able to install Menu Usage Tracker but it keeps prompting for a valid license file. It doesn’t like our Epicor license file, what is it looking for?

LOL - More Money :laughing:

CSG add ons usually cost like $1600 and have a approx $1200 yearly maint fee - it varies depending on which CSG extension. I used to know them all but can’t find my post it note anymore…

(I have two of them but not this one)

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I didn’t realize this was a module we needed to purchase. Thanks Mike!

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I wish it could just be free… I suppose you could build something that logged to a table the menu item that was being opened.

Hmmm a duplicate perhaps

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I downloaded this, but my CAM is telling me that it’s not available anymore. Any ideas?

Ken, were you able to get this module licensed? My CAM is telling me that it’s not available anymore. However, I can see from the downloads page that Epicor updated it as recently as November.

@SheMunkee - just sent you a PM with a name in CSG group in the UK who ‘owns’ all of these.

Thank you so much! I’ll reach out today!

We did not get it working. I’ll take a look at the new download. Thank you!