WIP Report Negative Costs

I noticed that your job setup is not hours per piece but rather minutes per piece. was that intentional?

I was under the impression the production standard is only to calculate estimated hours, but we do have minutes per piece on a lot of operations that don’t seem to be having this issue.

It’s a mystery… I know from above screen shot of the labor transaction, your total hrs. are 14.70 but in the production detail you have 92.50 hrs.
Do you have any subAssemblies on the job? If you’re in the job tracker, then you click on the Subassemblies on the left tree menu and expand it. See if there are any operations there. The summation of the Assembly level and SubAssembly level labor makes up the total actual hrs.

There are no subassemblies.

I just went through and did the same checks on the original job, since this was a job created from a split. The original job has $5058 in WIP on the wip report, this split job has -$5058. So definitely is related to the split. From the production detail report, these costs show up on the same operation on both jobs. The original job was split after the 4th operation. This is the 13th operation and not the final. I also see an increase in actual setup hours on the original job for this same operation.

So I was able to fix the issue with the incorrect setup hours by running the rebuild process Repair JobOper Hours and Costs. This adjusted the setup hours for that operation back down to 9.78 and I was able to close the job and the costs moved to the variance account.

There must be an issue with the setup on this part since this seems to be happening on all jobs for it. Not sure why the hours were not calculating correctly.