Epicor Ideas - Post and Vote for your favorite new feature!

There is a relatively new website run by Epicor that we call Epicor Ideas <–click here that allows you to submit software ideas directly to Epicor Product Development. We are monitoring this site, and you will see comments from other users as well as from Epicor staff. It allows you to:

  1. Review current Ideas that have already been submitted, and see other comments
  2. Comment on those ideas yourself
  3. VOTE for those ideas.
    Once your idea is submitted, you will later see its status changed as it is reviewed.

There are some really good ideas out there that you all might like to vote for. At the very least, you should read and vote… if you have an idea, please submit it so the rest of us can vote too.
Note you can apply UP TO THREE votes per idea, but you have a limit of 50 votes… This tells us how important you feel your vote is on some ideas!


Epicor User Voice?

I LOVE it!


Who wants to volunteer to move everything from the forum into Epicor Ideas?


Pretty much!


I already moved the good ones (mine) :rofl:

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Well, if you want someone from Epicor to see it regularly when they are monitoring this new site, then it will need to be moved. Note that I have already submitted 10 of the 65 new ideas so far… so I think I am doing my part… :wink: I have also voted 34 of my 50 votes so far… sooo… if you submit ideas, I still have votes left!

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Just enter your email that you use with Epicor Customer Service Portal and do Reset Password and you will get an email with setting up a password. (worked for me)



But I could not get in… I tried create account but need to be epicor employee…

Haso indicated he reset password…under the customer service portal… but why should we need to ?

I would have thought within service portal, a link would have been available… is there?

You have to reset the password the first time (who knows why) I had to do that too.

OK…bummer, :roll_eyes:…I liked my password… :innocent:

Well it did not work for me

accessed https://epicorcs.service-now.com/epiccare/

reset my pw. closed
logged back in service portal to test my new pw, and got in.

Tested the idea site and pw is incorrect… (the link is under solution portals)

Did I do something wrong here ?

No not EpicCare password, reset the password for the Epicor IDeas.

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LOL !!!
Darn !
Yep that work! Thanks.

@timshuwy What is your opinion on putting the big ideas in? For example, MRP as a scheduled process needs to be replaced by a real time engine (similar to SAP MRP Live). This is a big change, but rewriting the UI it shows that Epicor is able to make big changes when required.

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They didn’t say that the ideas needed to be small… they just want ideas. I would go ahead and post the idea. If it gets traction, then it might happen. But if you dont post it, we will never know.

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Yeah… me too. Fun times. :slight_smile:

Please contact Epicor support to get setup in ideas or perform a password reset from the ideas portal https://epicor-manufacturing.ideas.aha.io/portal_password_resets?email=your-epic-web-email@address.com


Like 50 ever? Will we ever get more? (Yes, I can read the picture above.)

I just don’t know how you’d decide where to spend your precious votes.

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Here i’ll help you out. This is a good one https://epicor-manufacturing.ideas.aha.io/ideas/ERP-I-227 promise