1 Shipment, 2 Invoices?

We had 1 shipment for an SO, and 2 invoices were generated. The SO has 11 lines, and one invoice had the 1st line, and the 2nd invoice had the remaining 10 lines. Any idea why we wouldn’t get 1 invoice for 1 shipment?


Check the Customers settings. There are conditions that cause splitting the order among different packers, and other setting that allows (or disallow) combining packers.

One more thing, check the line on the order to see if “Time/Materials Billing” was accidentally selected on the order line that had its own invoice.

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@ckrusen you were spot on, the line that was on it’s own invoice had the “Time/Materials Billing” checked. Once the invoices have been generated(and shipments shipped) is there anyway to get a single invoice to generate? We tried deleting the invoices, reopening the order & unchecking this checkbox, closing and regenerating invoices but we’re seeing 2 invoices still…

You missed one step. After deleting the invoice, “unship the packer”. Do this in Cust Shipment Entry, by unchecking the “Shipped” box.

Then edit the orders (although the changes you made without “unshipping” are probably still good).

Re-ship, then re-invoice.

Would a Cancellation Invoice do the job as well? It SHOULD cancel the original invoice and marking the shipment as unshipped in one fell-swoop.

I think that would only work if the original Invoices had been posted. From the post saying they deleted the invoices,I’m thinking they haven’t been posted.

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Question on the Cancellation Invoice - We have a Posted Invoice and packing slip that were processed with the incorrect Job Number. The Sales Order Line should have been re-linked to a new job before processing the shipment/invoice. If we perform a Cancellation Invoice, will it re-open the quantity on the sales order to be re-shipped and invoiced? Based on your comment for this post I am thinking yes but wanted to verify before I told the user.

It should allow you to “unship” the packer. The Cancellation Invoice does reverse out any GL trans that the original invoicing did (Like Accrual to COS, and Revenue recognition). A Credit Memo doesn’t reverse the COS trans. That’s why a CM won’t work in this case.

Thanks Calvin - We are going to test it out in our Pilot environment to ensure it will do what we expect. :crossed_fingers: