10.1 Batch Operations - Raw Material Adjustments

Thanks for the response Bruce.

We're actually batching operations across multiple jobs (same operation for different parent parts all batched together).  

I did try playing with changing the required quantity for the pseudo parts on the batch job.  It had no impact on the raw materials in the child jobs so my inventory wasn't adequately relieved for actual quantity used.  

We are batching operations for laser cutting.  Each job calls for sheet steel in square inches and the raw material is set to backflush.  We batch the jobs and send it to our nesting software.  The nesting software tells us how many sheets of steel the batch will actually take.  We need to update the jobs with the actual amount used - could be over or under.

The batch job component material is for a pseudo part number, so we can't update the raw material on those.  We probably could add another raw material to the job if we need to add more, wouldn't work for returning though.  We also would prefer to see the actual steel cost in the child jobs.  

Has anyone out there come up with a solution for this?  I'd appreciate hearing about it!



I worked with a company that was doing this, but instead of batching operations we had one operation on the job and multiple materials. (Imported from Solidworks)

Basically - 
Operation - 10 - Laser Cut
Seq Drawing MakeQty MatlPartNum MatlQty(Lbs)
10 -  Front 1 560432 100 lbs
20 -  Sides 4 560432 300 lbs
30 -  Bottom 1 560533 200 lbs

When operation 10 was completed - the material is backflushed.
No batching required...
I have a powerpoint that I could share if you would like.