10.2.300 Automatic Sales Order Fulfillment by part?


Is there an out of the box Epicor process that we can schedule to automatically allocate sales/transfer orders by part? Or is this something we will need to build out ourselves?

We are kicking off a project exploring auto-allocation opportunities in Epicor to free up some time of our supply chain folks as they spend much of their time in the Fulfillment Workbench.


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Hi Jeff,

Did you ever got solution for that?

Many Thanks


I did not find an out of the box solution, so ended up writing an executable in Visual Studio that created the data sets and called the business objects as per the trace file generated when you run the fufliflment workbench (FW) manually.

The executable is then scheduled as scheduled task on the server.

The search form in FW are translated as parameters into the program.

It’s been running about 2 years now and now the client runs the FW as the exception.