10.2.300 - Prevent multiple salespersons on new quotes, not working like 10.0

Hi guys,

We’re testing 10.2.300.7 (upgrading from 10.0.700.4), and noticed that all of our quotes now have multiple salespersons - themselves and our generic General Sales territory salesperson (someone in IT) that’s assigned to all customers as the default. We don’t have specific territories, and everyone has View All.

In 10.0, we would click New Quote, enter a customer, then a marketing event code and click save. An OnChangeMktgEvnt BPM would see who entered the quote, and assign their sales territory (where they are the primary salesperson). Epicor would then set them as the salesperson as well (doesn’t do this in 10.2.300).

In 10.2.300, Epicor has the default GenSales salesperson assigned to every quote, in addition to yourself, while in 10.0.700.4, when you changed the territory, Epicor changed the salesperson. In 10.2.300, it seems to add another salesperson every time you change territories.

How do I make it go back to the way it was in 10.0.700.4?

Dealing with the same thing… we had a set of BPMs for this problem in 10.1.400.24, but they don’t work in 10.2.500.6.

We do not have Salespersons assigned at the Customer level, but we do at the Territory level (because it’s a system requirement).

It seems one of the Epicor behavior differences between versions lies within the Quote.GetCustomerInfo method. In 10.1 after you create a new quote, enter the CustID, and tab off (calling that method), you’ll see the Primary Salesperson field populate with the associated Territory’s primary sales rep. But in 10.2, that field does not populate (unless you have a Salesperson assigned to the Customer).

I think that’s why our particular BPMs broke, but there are probably more differences than that between versions. I think I see a way to rework our code, but it’s already super convoluted and I have little doubt it will break again in future updates. I have to say, Salespersons on Quotes is one of the most frustrating areas in all of Epicor.