10.2.400 EDD widgets not displaying on active home page

One of our engineers has been working on creating some custom data views for the active home page.

EDD seems to be working fine and direct login to the EDD site works ok, however on the active home page the widget tiles are grey and have a tooltip message “Data Discovery is not currently online”

How do i debug what is going wrong??

Hi Richard,

Did you find the solution to this? I’m having the same issue and maybe you could share with me how you fixed it.


I havent had the opportunity to look into this again recently, though now I am working from home :confused: it is creeping up the ‘to do’ list

I suspect that some config file is missing a URL or an authentication scheme directive.

I know REST is working and I know logging directly into the EDD website is working as well. It is finding the discontinuity where active home page is meant to connect to EDD.

It feels a bit like Epicor Social. A feature I gave up trying to make work in the end as I couldnt see the point of it.

I have seen this when the IIS Hostname does not match the server name on EDD deployment.

Thank you both for your replies.

The odd part is I don’t even see the Discovery Chart View widget when editing Active Home Page layout. I’m on 10.2.500.8 version. Do you have any idea why?