10.2.400 testing - what we have found so far

We are a couple weeks into 10.2.400 testing and overall things are great and our SMEs are not reporting a lot of issues. We are on prem going from to 10.2.400.x. Here is a a few issues we have seen so far. Latest version in testing is 10.2.400.4.

  • GL Journal Entry - past update/paste insert is not working. GL account numbers are not allowing for account numbers with more than 2 digits. reported to support and waiting for update on when fix is coming

  • Cash Receipt Entry is not posting debit side when using write off functionality on the cash receipt line - reported to support and should be fixed in 10.2.400.5

  • Count Tag Entry - when adding a new blank tag to count, the bin field is greyed out and not allowing for search or entry of bin number - reported to support, waiting for feedback


Thanks Kristine, much appreciated. I am a little gun shy to jump head first into a new version and it’s always nice to see what issues are present (or not!)

@Aaron_Moreng There is always the risk of being in the early adopter group. However on the flip side support usually gets on our tickets pretty quick when we report something in the very latest version, which is nice. Overall we are pleased that our users aren’t reporting as much as in previous test cycles. What they report is more the want list of changes and not as many problem bugs. Our go live is scheduled for July 10th.

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We’re just starting our testing, so thanks for the heads up!

I have noticed there has been some changes on the inventory transfer method signatures. Don’t have the exact methods to hand but something to watch out for if you are using the inventory BO’s.


I’ve definitely noticed that. When we first got on 10.2.300 before .400 was out, Development would address the PRB’s very quickly - they’d respond in a few days that there is a fix a few dot releases later. Now that .400 is out, the PRB’s get accepted, but no release is specified, and the support analysts usually can’t get a target release answer from development either (when I keep asking so I can get out of limbo).