10.2.500 REST Functions

@Bart_Elia has a tantalizing article over in EUG about REST functions:

But in order to get the rest of my team aligned, I am struggling to understand how this contrasts with BPMs.

Is there a technical guide that describes them in more detail?

All I am getting so far is that they are not tied to a BO (whatever that means).

As previously shown, create your processes and calculations as a Function. Leverage them anywhere. No SDK needed. This in in the box just as another flavor of BPM directive and exposed over REST just as you do today with BAQs.

It’s the exact same article he posted in this group:

It’s sharable code that is callable from BPMs among other places. Think of it like Azure Functions or Amazon Lambda Functions. When .500 goes live, I expect to see a technical reference guide and it will be available to 10.2.500+.

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Amazon Lambda functions I understand. How this combines, replaces, or augments BPMs is what I am missing from that article.


You write a function and it can be called by a BPM or different BPMs (augments) preventing duplicate code across BPMs. You write a function and it replaces a BPM because there is no trigger to attach to (replaces). You can get more graphQL like by moving all your data calls into a single function call (combines).

Your text helped a lot. I can’t see how the diagram mapped to anything in bullet points, or what the diagram was trying to convey at all.