10.2.600 upgrade SSL error

Hi all,
i did 10.2.600 upgrade but i think i missed the SSL certificate part. When i try to load kinetic home page, i get following error:

here is the cert settings on IIS pool

here is the setting on Epicor App server:

Expert’s help is greatly appreciated as i pushed it to live yesterday.
i have told users to use non-classic or Non-kinetic home page to get through the day but some print forms are in kinetic and not working.
Thanks in advance

Is the certificate valid?

looks valid to me.

weird part is that Kinetic Home page seems to work on our Pilot but not on Live

Do you see any exceptions on the Event Viewer? You can also enable server logging to see more detailed errors.

What do you see in the browser if you navigate to https://yourservername/epicorapppool ?

get the same error when browse to above mentioned address

will go through the logs to see i find something helpful there.
I opened a support case with epicor. Hopefully this is resolved soon

Did you build a brand new App Server (IIS Instance) or did you attempt to upgrade the 10.1.x one?

Also do you want HttpsBinaryWindowsChannel

it was an upgrade.
I dont think i want HttpsBinaryWindowsChannel. I think i added that as the part of troubleshooting process.
Will probably remove it.
Support just got back and suggested to update .Net version in web.config file. Will see if that helps. It was 4.0 instead of 4.8

You should compare your web.config with web.config.template

You should always rebuild when doing bigger upgrades I found. It solves alot of old dependencies, dll issues, missing .svc files (unless Epicor fixed that).

If you open browser with that address on that server machine, the error will be shown right in the browser.

So far I can only tell that “Not secure” in the browser address line is not connected with the yellow error you see. These are 2 different problems.

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Support fixed the issue.
Somehow web.config for live did not update properly to have correct assemblies. Support tech compared and fixed the live config file with pilot and made changes for live one.