10.2 -- Anyone having trouble with Report Data Definitions recognizing older UD fields?

I have another forum post in relation to this, but I generally wanted to see if anyone on the new 10.2 functionality was having issues with there custom RDD’s recognizing past UD fields in there RDD’s data sources? I’m having trouble with my custom RDD when referencing the PART datasource not displaying my pre-existing UD fields from PART_UD. But if I create a new UD field in the 10.2 version with regards to PART_UD, it displays in my PART datasource.

Ok so what it feels like an eternity to my issues with UD fields in 10.2 I found a solution thanks to a good consultant of ours:

Steps to add UD fields if they are not recognized in the data source exclusions:

  1. Navigate to RDD and expand data sources
  2. Click on the data source (table) that you would originally link your secondary table to (PART)
  3. With the parent data source selected you need to drill down to “description fields” and select a direct link to your secondary table (My example Jobhead and Part had “PartNum” in common.)
  4. Chose to bring over “SkidProgram_c and IndivSkidLabel_c”
  5. Saved the data set and navigated to report styles
  6. Unfortunately I had to sync the report style so my dataset would see the UD changes (This will overwrite your data set expressions, so I suggest you always make copies doing this)
  7. After syncing my RDD to the report I confirmed my dataset had the fields in the expression and in the field section.

T1.[PartNum_IndivSkidLabel_c], T1.[PartNum_SkidProgram_c] FROM JobHead_" + Parameters!