10.2 Client Deployment Options

I am going to be upgrading Epicor from 10.1.400 to 10.2.100 in the next week (my first upgrade :grimacing:) and I was wondering how everyone is deploying the new client to their users. Our IT department consists of myself (Epicor, SQL, software development) and one other person (for everything else), so manually installing the client on each machine would be a pain.

Is there an easy way to push the files out to user machines?

My department looks very much like yours :slight_smile: we had a consultant that I’ve worked with in the past write some pretty cool deployment scripts for this. Basically it utilizes a zipped up client folder on a shared drive and then has an install script and a deploy script. This allows you to manage the deployment in one location with multiple environments.

I am also trying to make an easy way to handle deployment to our our many workstations and a script would make it much easier. The client updater requires local administrator permissions to complete the update (it changes some things in ProgramData) so I’m hoping for a way around that. Would you be able to share your deployment scripts, or at least how you circumvent the permissions issue? Thanks!

I can’t share the scripts on here, but I can tell you that we used Powershell to bypass the execution policy to get around the permissions issue.

I can tell you that since 10.2.100, we no longer need admin privs to install or upgrade.

Mark W.

We also used a Powershell script and deployed it through Group Policy so that it ran automatically on next startup. I found that the silent install option Epicor provides was easier to work with than the zip and copy method and highly recommend going that route.

The script we used is attached as a baseline to help you get started. Obviously, you’ll want to update server names, directories, etc. for your specific environment.

E10Deploy.zip (2.1 KB)


Thank you very kindly for sharing that, I appreciate it!

Thanks for sharing your script!

I’m sort of surprised that Epicor doesn’t provide better, or any, methods for client deployment that make sense…

We use SCCM https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/cloud-platform/system-center-configuration-manager which runs a created VBScript package.

We have a seperated installer for DEV/TST/PRD and DEV for example comes with shortcuts:

  • E10 DEV HandHeld
  • E10 DEV MES
  • E10 DEV
  • E10 DEV DMT

I had something working with PsExec. That got broken by Microsoft. Wmic worked somewhat for a while; now that seems broken too. Powershell is probably the only reasonable way to deploy on demand. Thank you very much!