10.2 upgrade ship date on customer shipments now locked down?

I believe this is new behavior in 10.2. Once we save a pack in the customer shipment entry screen, we can’t change the ship date. This is problematic if a customer doesn’t show up for a customer pick up and wants it the next day, for example. Am I missing a configuration option or customization that will allow us to edit the ship date? Users report we could do this previously prior to our 10.2 upgrade this last weekend.

Response from support… guess I can’t fix this at this time.

The SCR has a target version of 10.2 assigned at this time and a target release of 10.2.200.

The SCR notes the following work around:
Set Ship Date value before adding Lines into shipment.

Once the pack has been saved, there is not a way to update the date.

Support no longer keeps cases open that are linked to SCR/Problems . The Problem PRB0189789 is linked to the case. You can review the status of the Problem via Epic Care.