100K+ Log Entries A Day / Customer Credit Calculation 10.2.300

This is an on-going issue with our 10.2.300 system. The event log receives a rolling 100,000+ log entries every day due to Epicor attempting to process customer credit deferred transactions for a single customer.

Epicor support was useless on this issue, given they couldn’t even identify the initial cause or attempt to try after I identified it for them.

We have a customer with a local SOTotal of an extreme negative number: -99999999568343. We can’t calculate credit against this customer, it provides the same error (out of range exception, due to the extreme negative). The error log is generated by the deferred table attempting transactions against this one out of range number.

It holds up all deferred transactions and kills the calculation process. Anyone know the exact calculation used to determine this value?

Does your customer indeed have a crazy negative Sales order Total? Or is it a glitch? Where do you see the SOTotal (which screen)

The number I posted is the actual current number for this particular customer. GlbCustCred is the table.

In Epicor if you open this customer in Credit manager do you see that number too?

No, it does not appear to show there.

If you run this

Does it fail? (for that customer)

Looks like those records are created via the Multi-Company / Process. From the IntQueueIn / IntQueueOut tables.

It’s still running through the process. We do a lot of transactions with them, so it might run on for a bit.

Might be a DB/System issue for why this happened, but the task failed out around 8PM Central.

“Invalid operation. The connection is closed.”

Trying again.

That’s crazy it seems like your IntQueue / OutQueue are just out of control.

how many records do you have on those Inter Company tables?

The queue tables specifically?


There are none for in and 5 old records in out. None seem related.

Is it a global customer?

They are not global, but are a part of a national account relationship class.