UD fields missing in related dataviews

So, I feel like I lost my best friend or maybe I am just lazy. :frowning: In 10.2.400 when I added a UD field to RcvDtl it would also show up in the porView in Inspection Receiving. This was a wonderful thing. If I needed to show the data or update the field, I just bound it to the input and it was done. Now in they show in the RcvDtl view in Receipt Entry, but not in the related view porView.

I have regenerated the schema three times hoping my fiends would return, but alas.

Is anyone aware that this a fix or an issue and was it fixed in a later release?

Since we are post go live and no one noticed in testing, I will adapt for now, but it was a cool thing.

Receipt Entry 10
Receipt Entry 11

Inspection Processing 10

Inspection Processing 11 – No UD fields

They probably re made that screen you can try your luck bu just adding the field to the table in name and data type only and if Epicor is using Buffer copy (they generally are) it will auto populate

All of the fields are in RcvDtl table they are just not in the view they make for inspection processing. I am just making adaptor calls to populate the fields.

Right but sometimes if you are lucky just adding the fields to the view gets them to populate

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This was true for Invoice Groups, they didnt show up and I binded them anyways and it worked.

I found out recently that after doing the Data Model Regen - i had to do an IISReset to get the views to update.

Sorry, if you did that and i missed it.

Support told me that the RcvDtl UD fields got moved to RcvDltAttrValueSet the attributes table after 10.2.700. It was reported as a problem and dev responded with that was the go forward place for the porView.

I added them there did a regen and they do show on the form. I think rather than messing with the one to many of an attribute table I will just get the data from RcvDtl.

@DaveOlender I know others have posted that they need to do a full stop and start or as you do a IISreset, but I have always been able to regen and then just a recycle of the App Pool and the new fields are available when I reopen the client.

In this case I did the regen three times and did a full stop start, but they were never coming back to the view. Oh well, It would not be a go live without some surprises.