1st Article Inspection Qty on Parts

We are starting to use the QA module and have found that in order for every operation on a job to require an inspection after setup we need to have a first article inspection quantity of at least 1. This puts the part in the inspectors' queue and forces their approval before production can commence. We have a LOT of parts each with many operations and going into all of these opers via Engineering Workbench and changing the parts is going to be a HUGE task.

Is there any way to bulk change (or some global setting for parts) to require that all part methods operations have a 1st article qty of one? I would try Ground Control but creating the script to navigate EWB would be pretty tricky and I have not even tried to use GC on something simple yet. I was hoping there is some seting to always require inspection - better yet only on operations with estimated setup time

Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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