2 step site transfer setup

We are implementing E10 and have a business requirement to perform a “push” transfer between sites, where the planning department determines inventory rebalancing requirements in an external planning system, then create the site transfers to move the stock. Therefore we need to raise the transfer order in the sending branch and pick (manual and scanning in different sites) then ship. Then record the transfer receipt in the receiving site.

Can I please have some advice from your experience in this area:

  • does the Direct Shipment option work with the process steps outlined below?
  • what is the setup requried to test this (inventory movement and accounting entries)?
  • are there any gotchas that may cause problems later on?

Site Transfer “Push” scenario:

Process 1: Raise Site Transfer

  • (both Manual and Scanning warehouse)
    • Epicor program 1: Transfer Order Shipment Entry / Actions: Direct Shipment
      Process 2: Ship Site Transfer
  • (Manual warehouse)
    • Epicor program 1: Transfer Order Pick List
    • Epicor program 2: Transfer Order Shipment Entry
  • (Scanning warehouse)
    • Epicor program 1: Fulfillment Workbench
    • Epicor program 2: Material Queue Manager
    • Epicor program 3: My Material Queue (handheld)
    • Epicor program 4: Transfer Order Shipment Entry
      Process 3: Receive Site Transfer
  • (Manual warehouse)
    • Epicor program 1: Receive Transfer Order
  • (Scanning warehouse)
    • Epicor program 1: Transfer Order Receipt (handheld)

I appreciate all thoughts and advice. Thanks in advance.

Randall Whiteman
Business Analyst
Polyaire Pty Ltd
Adelaide, Australia