2 Warehouses Issue Material to Jobs- Can the warehouse be controlled by the method?

I have a question:
My company has 2 locations that we defined as “Warehouses” in Epicor, for simplicity lets call them Warehouse A (WHA) and Warehouse B (WHB). Both Warehouses have and use the same materials. I know you can set up multiple warehouses on a part, but one needs to be the primary. The issue we have is for example we want to cut a job at WHA for a part that is set up to use a material with a primary warehouse defined as WHB and an alt as WHA. When we go to cut the job at WHA, it tells us the from location will be WHB by default.

Is there a way to tie the Warehouse location to a method?
We have numerous parts that have methods for Both warehouse locations. Can a person define that Jobs made at WHA to default pull material from WHA not WHB?

Does that make any sense?

Thanks in advance for any help.

when you say 2 locations do you mean Sites?
Methods are site specific so if they are sites, this would do what you want.

Not Sites… We have them under the same site but set up as “Warehouse” locations. Our other facility is about 1.5 hrs away from or primary shop and when they initially setup Epicor they decided to have them under the same site but separate warehouses. Maybe this will help.

do you have advanced material management module?
the only way (with out customization ) i can think you could do this is with 2 different rev with different ops and resource groups/resources using different Backflush bins on the resources.

Yes, I believe we have AMM.
We don’t currently use backflush for anything. Also, having two different revisions on parts is asking for trouble. We already struggle getting our planning department to cut jobs with the correct methods/rev. Anyways, due to our customers regulations we cannot have two revs approved at one time. Sticky situation. This might not be possible, but I figured I would toss the idea out there and see if someone knows if it is possible. I can do a customization if need be, but I try to lean away from it.