2003 server - Documents and Settings\[user]\Local Settings\Applicati


Wondering if anyone has seen folders like described below? And if they can be safely cleared?

This is an old Windows Server 2003 with Vantage 8
In Folder - C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data
( Where the username is a domain admin account but... not the administrator account of that server).

There are 6 sub folders in all - each stamped with the date of an upgrade from 8.03.409C to 8.03.410.
Each contain copies of Vantage files.... e.g.  from the live mfgsys\client folder
Example folder names:
....... 7cab2f4a-3d45-44f7-8814-cfbb57d6a2fe
....... 89537e8a-57cd-46a7-9488-8fcaa6587327


I performed two different test upgrades 8.03.410 prior to the production server install..
Same steps & I don't see folders like these on the test servers now. Everything went smooth at the time & only just noticed these folders on the production server when checking free space on the C:\ drive.