2022.1 Work Queue

I am playing around in Pilot on 2022.1 and opened up the Work Queue through MES but cannot select any jobs. I tried to search for resources but they came back empty. I was able to log into a job directly but it did not show under Active in the WQ. Is there a setting someplace that I don’t know about? I’m coming from 10.2.500 so was not sure if something had changed in between versions. Thanks.


Make sure the employee record is assigned a resource group.

Additionally, when the Work Queue loads, it opens the “Active” tab. Make sure to check the “Queue” tab.

Thanks @hmwillett . That made them appear.

Wow!!! That change just ruined the Work Queue. :rage: What about employees who work in multiple departments? I am beyond pissed right now. That forces companies to change their whole resource structure to be able to use the Work Queue. Now I have to figure out if I need to change our structure or try to hack around it.

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You can search for resources groups outside of your default.

Thank god

Kinetic MES work queue search is not the best!


Has anyone created any customizations to this MES / Work Queue?

Yes, I have made BPM’s to replace data in hidden fields within the work queue display forms.

For us I have "Short Character 5, column pulling in the raw mtl seq 10 (Raw part num) so that operators can see what raw material they need for each row of the work queue once resource group has been selected.

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I agree, would be nice to be able to quickly change “resource group” to see other availability. Needs to be quicker, but search is helpful. Thank you for the tip. We were struggling with this.