2023.1 Pilot Upgrade - Job Traveler with Attachments

We have a custom job traveler that grabs attachments via ECM and prints them with the traveler for the shop floor. This custom report is broken in pilot since the 2023.1 upgrade. We are Gov/Cloud.

I’ve submitted a support ticket and have basically been told to start over and re-design the report. I’ve tried downloading from production environment and loading into pilot but getting the same error. I don’t know where to start in re-designing the customization. I didn’t create it so I would basically have to duplicate what is currently working in production - I’m concerned I will only be duplicating what is now not working in pilot. Any suggestions on what to look for while creating the new custom report would be appreciated!

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I would ask support for the error message from the SSRS logs or ask them to turn on remote errors for you so you can debug further before recreating. Looks like an issue with the RDD perhaps

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How are you attaching the the doc to the traveler ?
is this a attachment to every traveler or is it related to specific parts ?
I am asking as I need to do something similar with ECM.

Good morning Alan;
sorry for the delay - we are still having trouble figuring out what is broken with printing this job traveler.
it was setup with APR that grabs the attachment. The attachments are attached to the part in Epicor.

You really should ask them to turn on the remote errors (we are also Gov cloud and have them turned on) as @tkoch said. You may find out that there is a field that was removed from the RDD.

Since Pilot contains production data, it may be prudent to log errors in a location that easy to get to for developers. (See DevOps Idea, again. Sorry.)

I agree, the error looks like it’s related to the RDD,

You could potentially take the RDD query text and use that as a basis to build a BAQ to zero in on the query error (maybe)

I’m requesting now. I’ve also engaged a consultant that I believe worked on this custom report back in 2019. He’s trying to remember! :slight_smile:

Have you considered managing this traveler outside MES/DC ?

I asked for further review on this issue and support had created a problem case for Development to review (PRB0266618).

Review notes indicate that there were changes to the Fields that could be “linked” to the JobHead table. Notes include the following:

Added PersonIDName computed value and removed existing links such that we can then sort / filter on the planner name, so now the user can directly select actual field PersonIDName from JobHead instead of the linked (calculated) before this field now exists in the data table JobHead.

For any customers who are experiencing this error, they would need to change all references from Person_PersonID to PersonidName within their custom Job Traveler SSRS reports to resolve the issue.


Thank you! I’m checking the RDD and the report - I see the new PersonIDName, but It doesn’t appear we are using any calculated fields that would use the Person_PersonID. It’s a big report with a lot of fields, so i’ll keep looking it could be hidden in there somewhere.

I ran into this with our 2022.2 to 2023.1 update yesterday. Ended up having to change that column/field name in both the Traveler main report and the Traveler_RawMaterialComponents sub-report. Changed the column in the SQL expression and then the field name and source in their respective datasets (JobHead and JobMtl)…