2023.1.X Update Post Mortem and PSA Regarding Performance (and how to fix it)

Does he though… :smiling_imp:

Jose thank you so much man.

Kevin hacked web.config update in SaaS :smiling_imp:?

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Is such a… negative word. “Tailored” is the preferred nomenclature, please :rofl::joy:

@klincecum as your unappointed, unqualified, and uneducated lawyer DENY DENY DENY


Great work everyone, good discourse.

So we should add this to the dynamicTypes section of the web.config httpCompression node? I was waiting for the discourse to end to confirm the required modification.

<add mimeType="application/x-epicor-erp-rpc" enabled="true" />

Correct Sir!


Only if you are in 2022.1> anything less than that is fine.

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Going live on 2023.1.9 soon, thanks Jose.


Post of the year! Hope your reward will be compressed so you will get this fast!

Apologies for the delayed response, @josecgomez. I’ve been on PTO.
Thanks for the detailed findings. Good discussion has already been had so I just want to confirm that this is being reviewed and has been prioritized.


Anyone using compression seeing Client lock ups? Trying to determine if it’s related or coincidence. I just rolled back compression on our production server to see if the calls stop. Enabled it Sunday night, and getting calls ever since then of the client just freezing up no errors or messages. 7 calls this morning already so we’ll see if it stops happening. Previously recycled in case something just goofy was going on there and no change with that yesterday.

I’m sorry Joshua, I never enabled it as we aren’t live yet.

We were also seeing client lockups. We removed the compression from the config file.

Are you on a newer version than your profile shows?


Guess I need to update that. We are on 2022.1.9

When did you change it back? Have you seen that it corrected the issue?

We implemented the change last night and we were seeing client lockups today as well, so we reverted the change. We have not seen the issue since reverting this morning.

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