26 years and counting! for Brian!

Congrats Brian (@Bhattrup) , you taught me about EpiMagic back in 2008 and haven’t stopped using it since! They are lucky to have you and so are we!

Brian shares his #EpicorStory.
“As a Principal Software Developer, I’ve worked on thousands of lines of code much of which is included in the software out in the market. My contributions have made it possible for Epicor to sell software and services and helped customers run their day to day business. I’ve worked at Epicor for over 26 years, I’ve seen the company evolve and grow. However, I continue to learn new things every day and I really enjoy getting to work on these emerging technologies.”

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Congratulations @Bhattrup

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Congrats @Bhattrup ! It is always nice talking with you at Insights because of the passion you have for the ERP system. That and all the cool stuff you do in your free time.

Congratulations @Bhattrup and thanks for all the help you’ve given us with understanding Epi-Magic!!

@Bhattrup!! Woohoo!!! Brian you are the greatest! And congratulations to you on such a successful career with Epicor. We are all lucky to have you on the team. And you are a fabulous, funny and creative presenter - everyone enjoys your presentations at Insights!

Legend has it that Salmon is @Bhattrup s favorite color.

Long Live Salmon!


Congrats! @Bhattrup! Thanks for all you do and everything you bring to Insights.