2D Barcode Bartender - Can anyone help me figure out which barcode I should use?

Hello All,

We would like to create a barcode that holds the part number and the lot number.

Our part numbers do not conform to certain types of standards. Is there a 2D barcode that can handle any type of text?

Should I be using one instead of the other? I see a ton of options. Below this text are two options of several.


This was one of the reasons I used the DataMatrix on my project that and the ability to move between fields if needed as well. Mine is a custom code set attached to a opensource library which can encode many different formats.

Code 128 symbology supports the full ASCII character set.
Datamatrix holds more and is more current.



Thanks Dave!

Nice Clint!

There are lots of variables in choice of symbology

We went for QR code as a replacement for crappy old 3of9 font

In our implementation we are so far using short range scanning in ambient lighting with ‘camera’ type barcode scanners. All our bc printing and scanning is for internal inventory movements

our QR codes are generated using a central webservice serving up pictures on the fly. Really easy to integrate into reports.

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That’s cool. Are your QR codes holding multiple fields of data?

If so, how are you delimiting them?

At the moment we are only holding a single field value, so no encoding.

What are you using as scan devices?

an android device with a laser scanner on it.

This is what we use most of the time because its supported by even the cheapest 50$ USB Handhelds. Also our Vendors are happy with it and Customer. Since their scanners also support it.

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Haso, do your vendors ask that you delimit in a certain way? In other words, we are going to put part and lot in one barcode. Do you do something similar?

Not just a laser ‘targetter’ with CCD scan engine?

Are you writing your own android app?

Certain Customers do… Example of doing business with GM but they usually send over a Label Requirements Doc.


I see, thanks for sharing.

That is one consideration when you are making a barcode… will this be used externally or internally only.

We are going to use it internally only. If our customers are using it now then we may have some push back, but we are using a custom app @richardh .

“Custom App” - interesting - can you give some insight as to the tools you used for building the app?

Not our custom app - a third party called Bezlio – Unleash Your ERP

Just looked at their website - are you doing your own customisations of the app?

Not at this time, but you can build your own apps using their IDE/Architecture if you feel inclined.

Thanks here is all it takes to make one in my SSRS reports: