2D Barcodes for Kinetic (Natively)

After Much frustration I’m raising an idea/request to get 2D barcodes enabled natively in Kinetic/SSRS so we’re not doing ridiculous things and can have the same reliability/support that the main system comes with


at the moment you have two options to get a QR code (as an example)

1, get CSG to create C# which generates the data behind a QR and puts it on a form… runs very slowly…
2, setup the SSRS form to send the data that needs to be encoded to some third party website, wait for the website to come back with the image (hope you did not want speed, would love to hear comments from anyone doing this)

anyone who feels they want this feature feel free to comment or bump the idea.

Edit: Two options, the third involved Bartender which is outside of SSRS.

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Michael, can you provide some examples of how you are thinking about using these? I.e. are you looking to show the QR code in the UI in Kinetic for scanning data into another system or having it for printed reports so you can encode multiple values and use it to complete actions in Kinetic or other systems? Thanks

ID Automation has an SSRS Barcode Generator that uses a standard SQL Server Font to generate 2D barcodes.

It works slick for SaaS customers since it does not require Epicor to do Anything and the code is completely self contained in the RDL.

I agree that Epicor should provide some standard way of offering 2D - in my case I have a number of customers that are MIL STD and require Datamatrix. I have not come across QR requirement yet. But it is quickly become ubiquitious.

Even the UCC128 (full ASCII set) is required in many cases and there also Epicor SaaS has standard solution.

Thanks for the topic - I have been drumming this song for a number of years now - we need more drums :slight_smile:


Stephen, Printed reports in short. we’re using them on many of our Forms that get scanned back into Epicor, these forms need to be attached to the correct Order, we also have them on Labels attached to our product…

unfortunately in both of these cases we are required to have EAN13 or Code20 (1D) barcodes on the same generated label/document
so having a QR and setting our scanners to ignore 1d codes completely fixed a stack of issues.

Dave, I’d love to know how you find them speed wise, are any of the things you generate time sensitive or do you do the smart thing and generate the img files overnight for usage later?

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There’s a third, also undesirable, method.

Pre-create the barcode as an image and attach it to the document then add the image to the SSRS form. Only works if you have the information ahead of time, so shipping is a non-starter… Also inflates your database…