3 section check

not yet will keep using CR for now as soon as i found something i will post

@bmgarver - Thank you for sharing that RDL. I just started working on my 3 Section Check for SSRS, and I learned quickly that the SSRS 2016 Report Builder is quite lacking compared to Crystal Reports…I struggled for quite a few hours to get something like this working, and then I decided to start googling around. As it turns out, I should have googled first. Just a little bit of tweaking required of the formatting, and your RDL will work perfectly for us. Thank you again :slight_smile:

I have a similar report but the problem comes when the details don’t fit on 1 page, the customer wants to see the following pages with the continuation of the first section in the middle and the continuation of the 2nd section at the bottom. Has anyone been able to accomplish this? Thank you!

I’ve had this same request for dual stub checks over the last few years. After much research and countless hours of effort I found that it is possible to do a stub, stub, check layout and have the paging work correctly. This report is quite difficult to work with and I’ve invested significant amount of time on this… more time than any return. Experience is a good thing though.

I’m hoping to put a video together soon to demonstrate how things are linked in the report to properly work. The key is to use subreports for the stub details and to use proper linking to prevent mixing up invoices to detail records.

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We have dual stub checks as stub, check, stub. It is in crystal reports. I think I posted it on the forum long ago. In case it is needed let me know. Never bothered to convert it to SSRS, not worth the effort. As a rule we do only EFT, with very few checks.

Vinay Kamboj

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