3rd Party Quality App that can link to Kinetic

I am looking for a third party application that can collect both attribute and parametric data that would link to Lots or Jobs.
The reason I am looking is the Enhanced Quality Module and Advanced Quality Module is overkill and there are no standard reports available.

Thanks for your help.

Bruce, the best app of that kind I have seen is by Bezlio, maybe you have already heard it.

The up front cost isn’t cheap by any means The cost of the licenses may be too high for some smaller organizations, but given the flexibility you have to request a custom “Bezl” or app, I think it could work well. Or if you are a java developer, I think they allow you to use their platform to develop your own (or at least I think they’d be open to it). Don’t quote me on that though.

Mobile Access to ERP Data - On-Premise or Cloud - Bezlio - Bezlio

Found the pricing for the licenses.

Very cheap considering how powerful the app is and the cost of using epicor mobile warehouse.

I forget what the startup and implementation cost is though.


For pricing like that, maybe we should be selling our app to offset the cost of making it!!

At my company, we are making our own application that can be expanded to any business purpose, but primarily taking advantage of existing barcoding.

There’s always the option of selling your own software.

It’s actually $850 minimum per month to use Bezlio. ($500 platform fee + 10 users at $35 a piece).

You must buy a minimum of 10 users to start.

The competency that sets Bezlio apart is their ability to effectively manage their software and respond to all of their client’s needs, regardless of epicor version, release, or patch.

Doing that is no simple task… Well worth $850 a month IMO.