3rd Pricing Apps / Another

Hi there,

We have a prdduct line which is cost plus pricing. The cost can change daily, we are average costing. We would like to implement pricelists for customers and internal processing. There would say 5 generic pricelists and then customer specific ones. These are also fed to customers directly or 3rd party platforms.

Howevever, as known, as price lists in epicor do not support Cost plus. One view, is that we have a third party pricing app, that stucks the cost data out of epicor. Calculates the price lists, then pushes that data back into epicor as an epicor price list.

I know we could write customisations, the pricing is a bit more difficult than described as above. Anybody has experience or knowledge around this topic and or 3rd party pricing apps.

Thanks in advanced.

I must admit Pricing is not as flash as we would like either. Our old system allowed multiple price lists per customer, but automatically chose the lowest price if the part existed on multiple active price lists.

If you were using DMT you could automate the daily price updates. Look at the DMT Github page for powershell samples and inspiration. You could write a stored procedure that generated the results based on the existing price lists in Epicor then have DMT import/update it.

GitHub - DotNetIT/EpicorDMTScripts: Epicor DMT Scripts for Automation.

If you really wanted a third party app then I am sure one of the many consultants/Epicor Partners or even CSG could hook you up with an App or customisation that suited your requirements.

We haven’t used external pricing systems of any kind and don’t use cost-plus like your scenario, but we do leverage Epicor’s price-lists quite heavily in a non-standard way so we’ve worked with the tools available.

From your description, I’d have thought it was very possible to create a solution within Epicor without the need of anything else. Automated DMT, as already mentioned, would be one way. Service Connect (if you have it) would do a similar job slightly more efficiently. If your costs CAN change daily but in practice it isn’t all costs all the time then BPMs on cost change could handle the logic live.

I am with @dhewi that you can do this with Epicor tools. I have a similar nightly cost rollup that we use for checking margins that I am going to use a UBAQ to process and call it from powershell in E10.

Now coming to think of it you should be able to use a BAQ to generate your new data then call the BAQ from the DMT, and use PowerShell and have that scheduled.

Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for the advice. The reason for asking for a 3rd party app was ease of use and managing our requirements. In terms of getting data out and back into epicor that for us isn’t really the issue. Its the manipulation of the data on a cost plus environment. Like previously stated, the business could potentially live with a daily update. However, in the environment, there are three people who set the framework, such as minimum % , or minimum price. Then the sales people add the customer specific elements. So for example the minimum would be x% but a sales person cannot go below x% but they could charge the customer x% + 5%. To put this into context, there are 3000 skus, so the method may be for product group the sales person would x% + 5% and then on another product group they would set x%+ 3%. They cannot really go through and manage on a per part basis. While the sums are relatively simple, it is having a GUI and the controls in place to allow for the manipulation in an efficient manner. Hence, if there is a 3rd party product already integrated into epicor then we wouldn’t necessarily really need to write something. If there any partners reading this , then please chime in.