4.0 data collection blues

We went to 4.0 last weekend. Let me tell you, I wish I wasn't
bald... At least then I'd have some hair to pull out!

Our TT5s run for an intermittent period of time, and then seem to
lock up. Usually the lockups come part way through completing a transaction.
Since the system ran perfectly under 3.0 (I know, that makes us a rarity!),
my gut tells me it's not the hardware. Right now, however, Tech Support has
us trying to get the system to fail again so we can once and for all
eliminate wires and boxes as the problem.

Would someone running 4.0 with TT5s be willing to contact me off
list to spend 10 minutes bouncing ideas around? I'd appreciate it!

Kenneth E. Urban
Manager, Information Systems & Technology
Major Industries, Inc.
7120 Stewart Avenue
Wausau, WI 54401
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