[4.0] Purchase Requisitions

We have tried to use the requisition module we catastrofic results, it
caused us tens of thosands of dollars in overpurchases. Before you try to
implement the requesition module you should be made aware of the following:

This request for enhancement is for the requisition module. Currently this
module is not usable for us.

1) When a material requisition is made for a Job and a P.O. is created for
it, the material is added to the job as purchase direct. When the material
is received, if it's received for stock instead of recieved for job the
suggestion will reappear on the puchase suggestion screen. This weakness in
the software has cost us tens of thousands of dollars in double purchases.

As we have big jobs, we do not want to issue all the material to the job at
once, we want the keep some of it in stock. Example if we need 10 gallons of
paint for a job we do not want all ten gallons of paint on the shop floor.
We will keep 9 of them in the stock room and issue 1.

2) Miscellenous requisitions should be possible for stocked parts. If a
project manager knows he will need a big quantity of a certain material for
a series of jobs he should be able to create a requisition for that.
Moreover some stock items have a big lead time and need to be ordered before
the engineering for the job is finished. We cannot only relly on the Min max
becose the demand for some stocked parts fluctuates too much.

Martin Nijdam (Jr. Ing.)
Suss Woodcraft Int'l
(514) 363-3565

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> I would like to implement this feature in our company, but I am not sure
> on
> how it is going to work. For instance, you must check your "to do list"
> at
> least daily if not several times a day. Also, if someone is out that must
> approve the requisition, what do you do then? If anyone is using this
> feature, I would like to hear from you. Any input would be helpful.
> Denise