408B patch Blank Title 82355

I was very excited with the 408B patch. It finally fixed an invoicing problem with kits that we've been dealing with daily since go-live in 01/2008. However, I've since found that the Aged Receivable report and the customer statements have broken somewhere between 406A (our live version) and 408B. The aged balances at the bottom of the statements can be wrong. Invoice amounts instead of invoice balances are sometimes used in the aged receivables report. This seems to involve partially applied credit memos, partially applied invoices and invoice adjustments in different combinations. There are SCRs out for both problems (SCR 64990 for the Aged Receivables report and SCR 65923 for the statements) that are targeted for the 409 patch. So I have to decide if we want to trade daily invoice problems for monthly statement and aged receivable problems. I'm working on modifying the two reports in Crystal to see if I can at least flag the customers that are wrong. Maybe I can figure out a workaround so I can do an upgrade. I sure wish Epicor would put out one-off fixes for these two problems! Just wanted to give a "heads up" to the group.