4GL Call ing a report w/ Runtime Filters and Parameters

I have successfully written a small 4GL program that calls a report
as a startup procedure for RB. It asks the user 1) "Enter the P.O.
Number" (I am passing this from variable to the RB-FILTER Parameter)
and 2) "Enter the Fax Attn:" (I set this up as a RUNTIME-PARAMETER in
the report definition and prompting the user from the RB-OTHER-

I set it up in the menu structure as a "menu item" with Run
Persistent unchecked. It calls the .w file in the UD folder.
Everything works fine until I close the RB preview and return to the
Vantage window. All of the Vantage frames are gone (just a grey
screen). The only way to get the menu structure back is to log out
and back into Vantage. HELP! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Jason Woodward
BorgWarner TorqTransfer Systems