4GL Errors Blank Title 135934

Your server logs should tell you what caused the error.  For us, our usual 4GL error is due to timeout issues.   You may need to turn your logs to 'verbose' to get all the details.  You can also increase the timeout on the Broker tab on you appserver if this is the cause of your issue. 

--Matt Caldwell

We are on Epicor 9.05.702A.
Periodically when running or creating BAQs I will get a 4GL error and the only way to fix it is to Stop and start the app server.  But it doesn't tell me what it didn't like about the BAQ.  I think is usually a join issue but not certain.  Does anyone have more insight to what this error means and what I can do to see what is causing it?
I am baffled because I have a BAQ that is run Quarterly that is having this issue.  What is really frustrating is it ran fine in Jan.  No issues.  UGH.
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