6.1 custxprt table and creating views limitations

Hi, group.

I am ready to go home out of frustration. Previously, I was able to
create a view of a table to connect to access. Even further, I cut
descriptions length to the table using the view and Access 2002.

Custxprt table has associations between customer part and our part that
are no longer true. I want the person entering orders in Vantage to
enter the customer part and have our new part pull automatically. I
thought that by entering the customer part and overwriting our part
once, the same part will show all the time - not quite.

I already made the part inactive without results (cannot delete because
it has orders under that part). I would like to delete all records in
this table. I believe the only thing I would be missing is the reverting
to the old part that will cause trouble. Using SQL explorer tool, what
would it be the command to delete all records in this table? 1

Thank you.

Mario E. Aguirre - IT Manager
Lakin General Corporation, Inc.

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