8.00.812A ->o 8.03.405 results in Issue Mtl problems-To Warehouse (A

So in a nutshell, I converted over our 8.00.812a database over to our test platform in 8.03.405 just fine.
I created a job with two materials requirements on it to one operation to test. One part is serialized, the other non-serialized. Tried to do Issue Material to Job and I see the To Warehouse /Plant is populated wiht the default plant and warehouse and Greyed out. so ofcourse when trying to complete this transaction results in an error indicating that I'm not licensed for the AMM product. (which is true and I have no intention of using it). I have no way to remove/edit the To section Warehouse field.
Reported the issue to Epicor-
Then I tried to do a Mass issue to Mfg on the same job- and this time the non-serialized part issue WORKED OK! and the To Warehouse is blank. Ofcourse the Mass issue does not permit you to do serialized parts issue so I'm back to square one to do a single issue mtl to the job where I'm stuck.
I sent snapshots of the To Section Warehouse from both issue screens and asked if it is a bug. Has anyone else seen this issue?
Thanks in advance

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