A DataColumn has been dropped from BAQ results table

I’m working on a dashboard that predates my time with this company.
The relevant BAQ (one of 3 that feed the dashboard) shows Part Class Sales By Rep.

When I open the dashboard, I throw an error:

Seeing the reference to InvcHead_Company, my first move was to remove InvcHead_Company from Display Fields (in one of two subqueries). That didn’t work.

Posting today because I want to understand what the error means.
I don’t know what “BAQ results table” refers to, or how a DataColumn might be dropped from one.

Has anyone seen an error like this before?
If you were able to clear it: How?

(text, for anyone who’s interested)

Application Error
Error Detail

Message: SLM-PartClassSalesByRep-Part Class Sales By Rep: View Filter exception. View Filter not applied. A DataColumn has been dropped from BAQ results table.
Inner Exception Message: Cannot find column [InvcHead_Company].
Inner Exception

Cannot find column [InvcHead_Company].
at System.Data.NameNode.Bind(DataTable table, List`1 list)

at System.Data.BinaryNode.Bind(DataTable table, List`1 list)
at System.Data.DataExpression.Bind(DataTable table)
at System.Data.DataExpression…ctor(DataTable table, String expression, Type type)
at System.Data.DataView.set_RowFilter(String value)
at Ice.UI.Dashboard.DashboardView.ApplyViewFilter(IPublisher pub, PublishEventArgs args)

It sounds like this column was removed from one of the BAQ’s that feeds the dashboard and its still expecting it. You can try adding it back or possibly check the dashboard properties and remove the View Rule/Filter.

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It looks like you were right!

I opened up the Grid Properties, and saw that there was a filter that referred to InvcHead_Company.
Something like “InvcHead_Company <> [a dash-like character]”.
It didn’t even look particularly intentional.

I wanted to delete it, but I couldn’t.
So I set a filter such that [a calculated field not involving dates] <> Constant: NullDate.
Just something I thought wouldn’t affect anything.

Saved, cleared the dashboard development editor, reopened the dashboard: No error. Thanks!

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