A Good Way to get MS Information (was Server for 5.0)

With all the talk about service packs, I though I should mention this:

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Microsoft family of products
and even for those who are, I would recommend you look at getting a
subscription to Microsoft TechNet:

For $299 a year you get about 3-5 CDs a month (or a DVD) containing
Microsoft technical information, service packs, resource kits and utilities,
plus trial versions of software and training materials. (You can also get
TechNet Plus, which gets you Beta software) Many times I have found the
technical information CD to be worth the price of subscription alone, as it
contains all the Office and Backoffice KB or "Q" articles from the MS
website. Plus you can get access to special MS TechNet forums on their

Granted, the majority of the information on these CDs is free for download
from MS, but its nice to have the information on-hand where you can search
for it quickly as well as not have to worry about what to do if your
internet connection is down.

Brian Boyes,
Systems Administrator,
Precision Resource Canada Ltd.