A/R Cash Receipts....Bank G/L Account

Not sure if this issue has been posted previously - I could not find it in my search and the fact that it is still happening in the latest patch. I have tested this in Vantage 8.03.305L and 8.03.408A. Epicor support has confirmed that it is still happening in 8.03.408B. I had to contact Support again to keep this issue active - but that's another thread.
The issue is:
If you change the Bank in Cash Receipts, the G/L Account number is not being updated. Here are the steps to recreate:
1. Create a new A/R Group
2. Choose "Bank A" and Save.
3. Enter customer information and check information and Save (Do Not Select Invoices).
4. Go back to Group Header and change the Bank to "Bank B".
5. Select the Customer Invoice(s) to pay and Save.
6. Print the Group Edit List - the G/L Account showing for the Debit to Cash will be the G/L for "Bank A" - not "Bank B".

I do not have any information when this will be fixed as of yet.

Thank you.

Stephen Schaefer
Abrams Airborne