A reminder when using dsHolder

I’m currently in a process of migrating data using DMT. The import of Order Lines was pretty slow. So, I’ve search for a data directive or a bpm that could slow down the process.

Then, I found the guilty bpm. I was using

var ds = svc.GetByID(orderRelRow.OrderNum);

I simply put those line in comment for the migration. The GetByID can be very costly especially with large order.

Simply a reminder…


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I wonder if building a dataset to attach using DbContext would be quicker? It’s certainly a hell of a lot more work.

We write 99% of our BPMs that a condition which says IF NOT DMTUSER
Obviously there are some BPMS we need to trigger with DMT still, but if it is something that DMT doesn’t need that helps.


Very good idea.

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