"A Valid Warehouse is required" - Container Receipt

Hi everyone,
Today i encountered whit this question, i have a product container but cant receive it on a shared warehouse…
When trying to do it Epicor give me the error “A Valid Warehouse is required”, but the asignation of the warehouse its ok.

lets check part configuration:

and finally… lets check the sharing on site:

may be usefull this is not the default site “receiving warehouse”

i dont have idea how to let it getting recived on shared warehouse bin…

any idea?


i contact with Epicor Customer Support, and they givme the solution (not directly)

the solution is this one

on database we have this on Erp.PlantConfgCtrl table:

“Default Warehouse” for PT its empty.

thinking a little, i figure that i recive the product on VM plant, but pointing to PT Plant, that dont have a default Warehouse. Then i configure it… and… ITS WORK!