Accounts Receviable and ADP Payroll

1. Our accounts payable clerk wants to know how other Vantage users are
handling the following situation:

Invoice to customer for $1000
Material defective so a credit is issued for $1000
The credit memo is applied to the original invoice .
A replacement shipment is made and the customer is reinvoiced - $1000

The customer pays the invoice for the replacements
On a subsequent check the customer takes a credit for the returned product.
However they never paid for the original, defective shipment.

Since there are no open invoices related to the transactions, how is the
credit the customer took handled? She can't record the payment on the new
check because it has this credit. What are other Vantage users doing for
this situation?

2. Are those users who with ADP or other outside payroll services feeding
the payroll data back into Vantage through a direct interface to GL or are
you reentering via journal entries?

Jim Heidner
William Frick & Company